Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Noise

JD got a white noise machine for his birthday last month. Since he has to sleep during the day, it has been a life saver. Within minutes, it lulls him to sleep to sounds of the ocean, the rainforest, a rainstorm or his mother's heartbeat. Not his actual mother's heartbeat, that would be creepy. It is awesome. JD can sleep all day and now, I can't sleep without it either.

After trying each effect, we have gone with rainstorm. It sounds more like static than rainfall, but it is so soothing and the only one that doesn't have an annoying loop embedded in the background. We started out liking rainforest but every 7 seconds or so, a wild monkey shrieked in the background. JD and I got so good at detecting it, we could predict the next monkey shriek. We decided that was less relaxing and more stimulating. Ocean had birds cawing and JD's mom's heartbeat is the creepiest thing ever. To be clear, falling asleep to the sound of anyone's heartbeat, let alone an artificial mechanical one is creepy and weird. But I'm sure baby JD loved falling asleep to his mom's beating heart. Just not grown man JD. Or his wife, Aly. Cree-py.

We are now so addicted to white noise, we cannot sleep without it. I forgot to turn it on one night last week and could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned for an hour until I realized that there was no rainstorm in my room. Within minutes of turning on that sweet static-y nothingness, I was out. I can lie down with JD for a mid morning nap and fall asleep in no time. It is kind of amazing. I call it our lullabies. And with Beatrice's white noise lambie in her crib lulling her to sleep with the sounds of orca calls, we are a family of white noise addicts.

The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

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