Sunday, October 24, 2010


Fall is not my favorite season. I think it's because where I live, fall never fully happens. I live in the South and the South has a bad case of seasonal multiple personality disorder. We are north enough to get snow but south enough to have terrible humidity. Our summers last forever and just when we've had enough of the scorching heat, fall shows up long enough for the sweaters to come out and the fire wood to get stocked. Then it gets hot again. This schizophrenic climate cycle will continue for a couple of months. No one knows how to dress their children for school because it is 40 degrees in the morning and 80 by noon. Layers are our friend. By October, us Southerners are ready for cold weather to catch up to the fall-like activity and changing leaves we've had. Throughout the entire season, we are lucky to get a few cool days. Mostly it's just hot. And then winter hits. Fall needs to get on some meds.

I never get to experience a true fall. But that doesn't stop us from going with the motions and doing fallish things. We have decorated our front porch with fall foliage. We don't have to worry about the mums getting frost bitten when the temperature never drops below 50. 

Hello, Crow Scarer. Beatrice has to touch its nose and eyes every day. 

Today we went to a big farm that has a petting zoo, pumpkin patch and hay rides. It was super fun and screamed fall fun, despite being 81 degrees.

We were hot, covered in hay and the stench of manure filled our nostrils. But our girl loved it. Especially the pumpkins.

JD is still recovering from a cold and the heat made us want to stay in today, but this is fall. Our state may have missed the memo, but that's not going to stop us from participating in the fall festivities. I also can't be stopped from participating in fall fashion. I will wear my boots in October and a little 80 degree weather isn't going to stop me. 

Happy fall everyone! Here's to hoping you're enjoying yours no matter what the weather is like.

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