Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parade Of Homes

I don't have a very grown up house. I have decorated like an adult to the best of my ability, but my love of bright colors and penchant for shopping for home decor at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters has made my home look like a mix between traditional and shabby chic a la Monica and Rachel's awesome apartment on Friends. While multi colored quilts and owl salt and pepper shakers are great for a college dorm, they do not scream "a mature adult lives here." So I have painted our walls brown and bought paisley chairs. Very adult-like, no? We have some other items that seem to belong in grown up people's homes like buffets and gold leaf, but for the most part our house is a hodgepodge collection of grown up decor and colorful things that make me happy.

Except for Beatrice's room.

Her room is my favorite place in the house. It is pretty and light and girlie. And always clean. I have decorated it with unabashed zeal for the things that I love. I haven't had to pretend that I am trying too hard to be or like anything that is not my style. It is what I envisioned for her when I found out that she was a girl. Decorating it has been a labor of love and everything in it has been selected by the one person in the this family that loves whimsy and color more than anyone: me! I love it and wish that it was my room. Without further ado, Beatrice's room:

I just realized that her crib sheet does not match her bedding but because I am too lazy to change the sheet and take more pictures, I am hoping you won't notice. What's that? Telling you about the mismatched crib sheet makes you notice it even more? Well crap. 

This is the reading corner. I just lowered the books to the bottom shelf so that she can reach them easier. Now the books stay on the floor because she loves to read them ALL at once. Oh, and that big comfy chair reclines and rocks. It is awesome. 

This is the changing station. Those vintage Barbie prints were a DIY project and Beatrice loves to pull them off the wall during diaper changes so if they appear a little cockeyed, they probably are.

The crib sheet makes me cringe, but just ignore it. Can you see the chandelier decal on the wall above her crib? It is white and really hard to see in photos. Anyway, it is awesome and the perfect example of my design/decorating philosophy: it doesn't have fit in with the decor of the room per se, but if you love it, then it becomes perfect for the room. I got it at Blik.

That's it. That's my little girl's room. Now if I only JD would let me decorate our room like this, I'd be a happy girl. Minus the tiny furniture, of course.

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