Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We are a big togetherness kind of family. JD and I really like being together. We don't have to actually be doing anything, just hanging out together is enough. This has become a rarity now that he is on the midnight shift. He sleeps during most of the day and by the time he wakes, it's late afternoon. And while we're still together during this time, I am preoccupied with dinner, baths and bedtime for our little one. Weekends practically don't exist anymore. His off days are Sundays and Mondays but he still tries to maintain his schedule by sleeping as late as he can. Every day kinda feels the same around here and we don't get enough togetherness.

Except for today.

Today has been glorious. JD was supposed to have a court case to attend this morning but it was cancelled at the last minute. After he showered, dressed up like a stud (rawr) and got hyped up on Starbucks. So he came home and spent the day with us. We did absolutely nothing. We stayed in our pajamas until 2,  made omelets and coffee and watched 4 hours of The Sopranos. Beatrice napped for awhile and then we all played together. We took turns reading and building block towers and playing Angry Birds on my Droid. Best game evah! To some, it was a total waste of day. But to us, it was just what we needed. I could stay in my pajamas forever with JD. If it's just me at home, I hate it and have to get dressed early. He brings out the couch potato in me. 

Today actually felt like a weekend day to me. Our days look pretty much the same and while I love staying home, I never get that excited feeling that I used to get on Saturday mornings when I worked thinking that I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted. Having a day of nothingness and lounging with my family made me feel great, like I had a little weekend break on a Tuesday.

Everyone is napping so I finally took a shower. Beatrice and I have to run some errands later and while this morning was great, we cannot do nothing forever. JD returns to work tonight and tomorrow we'll be back to our regular routine. It was great while it lasted. Everyone needs a big ol' day of togetherness every now and then. Even if that means doing absolutely nothing.


  1. I can relate with the crazy work schedule of a crime fighting man & the lazy days are the best! Glad you had a great day with your Mister & little miss.

  2. those are always the best days....the ones you remember forever and think back 'that was a great day'. and love the pics of beatrice's bedroom..too cute!

  3. i looove these days. glad that you all got some good time together :)

  4. Togetherness is WONDERFUL! My hubby brings out the couch potato in me too! I found your blog a couple months ago through SRP's blog. I just love your hilarious outtake on life and motherhood!!


  5. my kiddo and I literally played around all day in our pj's. Literally, I bathed him in the evening and put him in clean pj's. From pj's to pj's. It was awesome! however, tomorrow I have to do twenty million things because today we just cuddled. In our pj's.Literally. :)