Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeggings Are Proof That God Loves Me

When I was pregnant, I refused to buy maternity pants. The huge, elastic belly panel thing was so gross and matronly to my usual low waisted designer jean wearing self, I just couldn't bring myself to buy something so uncool. Plus I have a 34" inseam and could not find maternity pants that were long or cheap enough. I found some glorious designer maternity jeans with no belly panel but JD said it was either be a stay at home mom or have nice clothes. The bigger I got and the less options I had, I finally broke down and did the unthinkable: I bought leggings at Forever 21. 

Why unthinkable? Well, for starters, I was a hoss. I ate cake like nobody's business and gained a bunch of weight. Tight leggings on a growing rear is never a good look. And I wore the heck out of them. I'm talking every day. My co-workers started making fun of how many outfits I could come up with that included leggings. Enough to cover about 20 weeks of the last 2 trimesters apparently. They were comfortable, cheap and with the right top, somewhat stylish. I loved them.

By the time Beatrice was born, I was so over them. After wearing leggings for about 140 consecutive days, I never wanted to see another pair again in my life. I wanted my jeans back. With each postpartum week that passed and every pound dropped, I tried to squeeze into my old friends. But they were no longer my friends. They taunted and teased me with their worn denim and fancy pocket stitching that no longer fit over my still very large rear. The thing with jeans is that they are not very kind to you when you gain weight. Usually, the first sign that you've gained is revealed in your jeans. Those buggers will not let you and a couple of extra pounds off the hook. You and your weight are accountable to them (if you ever want to fit in them again). I realized that I was either destined to a life in leggings or I would have to invest in new jeans. Working harder to lose the weight never occurred to me.....I did end up finding a pair of reject jeans in the back of my closet. They had tons of lycra and I managed to stretch them over my enormous self. It wasn't the same though. I kind of hated those jeans and knowing that they were my only option made me resent denim altogether. 

And then one day around Christmas, one of the Jennies had on a pair of the tightest jeans I had ever seen. They were soft and stretchy. They were jeggings, or jean leggings. Oh. Emm. Gee. Jean leggings? Jean leggings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my answer to postpartum size in betweenness. I had to get some. So I did. 3 pairs actually. Because when you find a good thing, buy multiples. They were awesome and the answer to my problem. And prayers. Yes, I prayed to fit back into my jeans... They fit like leggings, but looked like jeans (with pockets and stitching and a fake fly). They fit perfectly inside my boots and with the right tops, I almost looked hot again. But the best part, they made me feel like me again. They were the next best thing to my glorious jean collection. 

After a few months, I lost all of my pregnancy weight and could once again wear my jeans. It has been like wearing a brand new wardrobe that has been perfectly broken in. But I have been rocking the jeggings here and there too. They are too comfortable to wear and perfect for the crawling around on the floor I do with Beatrice. But the best thing about jeggings? 

They make them for babies now too. 

Beatrice likes to rock hers with a tunic and messy pony. 

I was totally that mom that hated to dress her baby in grown up clothes so she has always worn smocked things, onesies and typical baby stuff. Since she will be 1 in 10 days (sob), she can now wear big girl clothes. 

JD says they're scandalous because they are so tight. Duh, that's the point Daddy. 

They make learning to walk a breeze. 

Jeggings have gotten a bad rap lately. Some folks are doing it wrong. Long tops, people. No matter what, long tops. But don't let that deter you. Jeggings are awesome for any size and honestly, they may be the perfect piece of clothing ever created. Except for adult footed pajamas. And Snuggies. 


  1. Love "long tops"... lol!
    I've been thinking about investing in a pair. "everybody's doing it" and I feel left out!

  2. Good for you for fitting into your old jeans. I still have not accomplished that yet and am beginning to think it never will. By the time I finally do it, they'll probably all be out of style! Here from RDC!

  3. Do it, they are awesome!!!!!!

  4. The fact that you mentioned Snuggies makes me love you.

    I like jeggings in theory, but refuse to even acknowledge their existence on the grounds that I object to the word "jeggings."

  5. I need a pair of jeggings. I've been considering buying some, but I think that you just gave me the final push.