I am a born again Christian who believes in the One True God. I strive to live in a way that people know that about me without me having to say so. Except on the blog, I kinda have to say so since you can't see me. I am wife to JD, my handsome husband with the manliest job on the planet. He fights bad guys and I feel a little safer at night sleeping next to him. I am a cloth diapering, breast feeding, homemade baby food making, learning as I go, stay at home mom to our sweet toddler, Beatrice and precious new baby, Penelope. They are the joys of my life and keep me laughing. And sometimes crying. We are relocated Tennesseans living in the Los Angeles area. 

I started this blog as a creative outlet while JD was away for 5.5 months on top secret job training. I was alone with a small baby and needed a hobby. I studied English Lit in college and have been penning stories since I was a child so naturally, the blog was born. 

Photo by Sara Rose Photography