Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Party People

We had a New Year's Eve party last night. It was a raucous good time. There were balloons, noise makers, bubbly drinks, party hats, games, and music. Oh, and did I mention 183 rounds of hide and seek? We partied hard until the ball dropped on Eastern time (don't tell the girls it wasn't midnight here in California).

We told the girls they could stay up late for a party if they were very obedient all week. They were good listeners so the party was on after nap time yesterday.  They were so excited. I didn't have much in mind in terms of a party, but they loved every thing we planned. I cut little strips of paper with different activities printed on them and taped them to balloons. Every 30 minutes or so, we would pluck a balloon off the wall and do the activity. The girls loved it, we all did. We went outside to count stars, we played games, we ate cookies, we had a dance party, we were busy! The ball dropped around 9 Pacific time, we toasted sparkling cider, threw confetti, and had the girls in bed by 10.

What a night! Happy New Year!