Thursday, June 19, 2014

Divine Protection

Since the girls were tiny little embryos growing inside my body, I have prayed for them. Specifically, I pray for their protection. I do this because I know how little and vulnerable they are and Almighty God is the only One who can fully protect them. Also, I know I can't keep them safe from everything. I'm human and accidents can happen.

Thankfully, my girls have had very few bad accidents, but that has never stopped me from praying for protection. More than protection though, Divine protection. Miraculous protection. Protection that only comes from God. I believe in prayer and there is nothing I wouldn't do to protect my girls. So I pray! And I am so glad Father God is faithful to protect my children.

The other night, Penelope was running to the bathroom to brush her teeth and tripped over her feet. She face-planted on the sharp corner of the door frame and after the sickening thud, she SCREAMED in pain. I scooped her up without looking at her injuries, just knowing that her face would be split open and covered in blood when I finally did look.

She was really red and bruised, but no blood. It kind of felt like a miracle because of the velocity at which she ran and fell into the door frame. I'm sad she fell and bruised her sweet little face, but I'm so thankful her injuries aren't any worse. Thank you, Jesus!

How do you pray for your children?

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