Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After 11 months into this whole mothering thing, I feel like I've mastered most of my duties. I never run out of diapers (we use cloth so there is the potential to totally screw up), I feed and nurse my child everyday (yay me!), and there have been no injuries to date (yay Beatrice!). All of the little routine-y things have been figured out for the most part and our life works. I wouldn't call myself a pro, but I am pretty darn confident in the job that I am doing.

The one thing I have yet to master though is mornings. In my mind, a successful stay at home mother is dressed and showered before breakfast. This has never ever happened. Our mornings look something like this:

7ish - wake up, milkies
8ish - go downstairs, have Cheerios on the couch while watching cartoons and checking emails
9ish - breakfast, play until nap time
10ish - nap time, I take a shower. Or a nap.....

This bothers me because we can never leave the house until after morning nap. If I got my morning routine down, I would have 3 whole hours to dedicate to meaningful things other than catching up on last night's crochet project and lounging in pajamas all morning.

This past Sunday morning, I decided we were going to early church at the last minute. I heard Beatrice croaking on the monitor so I jumped in the shower and got ready really quickly. I got her up, nursed and dressed her and we made it to church on time. A miracle. It was wonderful. We were home by 10 and had the whole morning left to nap (Beatrice) and do productive things (me). Why can't I do this every day?

Because I'm lazy. And set in my routine of having no routine. Plus, I love our cuddly mornings on the couch with Cheerios and footed jammies. So maybe our routine isn't so bad after all. Lazy? Yes. Productive? Not at all. Sweet, quiet and messy? For sure. I kind of love it just the way it is.

And last night's crochet project? A pumpkin beanie.


  1. I am quite the opposite, I am so extremely lazy at night! I swear that rarely get anything accomplished after 7pm. I usually am in bed by 9ish... Everyone's schedule is different and you are not lazy :)

    The pumpkin beanie is AMAZING!