Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dada Is Sick

I never thought I'd ever say this, but I can't wait for JD to go back to work. He's been sick all weekend with a cold and since we share a bed, we've both been up all night for three nights now while he hacks up lungs, sneezes and gets up to blow his nose at all hours of the night. He never sneezes or coughs during the day, I think he saves them up for nighttime. Lucky me. And since the only nights we get to sleep in the same bed together are on his off days, I don't feel right about banishing him to the couch so I can actually sleep. But my goodness, I'm so tired.

I've been averaging about five hours of sleep the last couple of nights and it is not working out for me. I spent all day in my pajamas trying to convince Beatrice to snuggle with me on the couch instead of climbing the stairs and well, doing anything but snuggle with me on the couch. No such luck. She was wild all day.

Sock on the head is a fun game around here. And this was our umpteenth try at coaxing her into taking a family nap. 

She'd rather play all over our bed instead. Figures. 

I took two naps today and even though I have not showered and am still in my pajamas, I feel a little better. JD is still under the weather and will be home one more night with us. He has promised to sleep on the couch so I can sleep tonight but I'm begging him to come to bed with me and just not cough, sneeze, move or breathe at all. Sounds reasonable to me.


  1. Awww. I know exactly how you feel! My hubby is sick too and no one gets sleep when there is a sicky in the house. And of course you are counting down the minutes till baby's nap time so you can rest. =D

    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright

  2. Amen for naps! I caught 2 the other day.....a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do.