Friday, October 8, 2010

Fair's Fair

One thing that I love about JD is that he is fair. If it's his turn to clean the litter box or do a chore that all out sucks, he does it so I won't have to. A few weeks ago, there was a big sale at one of the mens' shops around here. If you bought one suit, you got $1000 of free merchandise. He bought a suit and got about ten ties, several button downs and sweaters. We did not plan this expense but with such a great deal offered, we decided it would be foolish to pass up. So after buying him a new work wardrobe, JD said that come bonus time, I could have it to spend however I wanted. Love that man. 

I have been racking my brain for two weeks now on how I am going to spend that money. It's not thousands of dollars, but enough to get a high tech electronic device or a new fall/winter wardrobe complete with accessories and shoes. I don't do well with lots of money. Give me a small budget and I can stretch that bad boy to the max. But give me a large chunk of "extra" money and I am liable to A) piddle it away on pumpkin spice lattes and sparkly bracelets or B), buy something totally extravagant and stupid just for the sake of buying something. I have made a list on possible things I need/want to do with my money.

1. An iPad. I don't need one, I have a MacBook that I adore. But I love all things Apple and this beauty is calling my name. This would be classified as an extravagant purchase that I might not regret, but definitely do not need. 

2. J. Crew fringed moccasins and glitterati flats. As much as you might not believe me, I actually need both of these. My shoes are a million years old and these would cover both my casual and fancy footwear needs. I just said fancy footwear. 

3. Yarn. This is the last thing that I need, but with my Etsy sales up and my inability to spend extra money wisely, I will probably buy several skeins of the stuff. Somebody have an intervention, please.

4. Save. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do plan on saving some of it. If I'm smart, I will buy a few fall clothing items, Beatrice a winter coat and some larger things for the house. We are headed out now. Hopefully I won't come home with an iPad and $500 worth of bracelets.


  1. Seriously, reading your blog just makes me smile. I can always get a good chuckle from your wit!

  2. I want an ipad, but don't want to pay for the internet service monthly! :)