Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top

A few weeks ago, I was apart of an online discussion about why bloggers blog. The general consensus was that bloggers like attention, therefore they shamelessly divulge every detail of their lives for their readers to get wrapped up in. The other theory was that bloggers are narcissistic. They think the happenings of their lives are less mundane than the rest of us so they write about it hoping the readers pick up on their superiority and awesomeness. And some bloggers just like to write.

I have a different theory. 

Blogging is not just about what happens on this site. Blogging is a community of real people connecting over the things in life that touch us, speak to us, encourage us and entertain us, all made possible by the awesomeness of the internet. For me, blogging has been about making real connections with real people who happen to have spectacular blogs. And who happen to think mine is pretty cool too. I get excited and inspired when I see a new post in my Google Reader from someone I "know" online. I think anyone who has followed a blog and gotten to "know" the blogger can relate. There is something profound about revealing bits of yourself to people who may never meet you in real life and in return, they care about you and what happens in your life. It's like they are along for the journey, even if it is a vicarious jaunt. 

I blog because I love making the connections and because sometimes I have something to say. And I like the way words make their way out of my head and onto the screen. That being said, I have a favor to ask. In the six months I've been blogging, I have never asked anything of you.....until now. 

The blog is listed on Top Baby Blogs and every time someone clicks the blinky square to the right (and below), my blog goes higher on the list. I don't win anything but more exposure and a higher place on the list of amazing blogs. And I have been holding steady at 90ish followers for months now and breaking 100 is a personal goal of mine so if you're a regular reader but not following, do a sister a favor and follow! So if it's not too much to ask, click the blinky link thingy and vote for me. I'd be much obliged. Spread the love! And after you vote for me, check out the other talented writers, narcissists and attention hounds. Just don't vote for them. I kid, I kid. 


  1. I'm guessing that it was people who do not blog or actually read good blogs saying those things. I use to think the same thing. But now, I'm in the same boat as you. I've used blogging as a way to connect to lots of women who I definitely now consider my friends. Oh and I voted :) Hope it helps!

  2. I admit that there was a time that I didn't really understand blogging...which is, in part at least, journaling your life on screen for all to see.

    Even when I first started blogging, I didn't read many other blogs - because although I loved the outlet, I still wasn't totally interested in the community aspect.

    But over time, I have found that it IS a wonderful community.

    Lately I've been asking myself, though...does anyone read blogs besides bloggers? (And a select few of my family members and friends who are interested in what's going on with me?)

    I think that's what sort of gives blogging that narcissistic label. The average person who doesn't have a blog doesn't cruise around reading random ones, and maybe when they do stumble across an occasional entry, outside of the wider context of an entire blog, they think, "who cares?"

    Anyway - blogging is fun, and even though I occasionally feel self-conscious about the fact that I put it all out there, I try not to worry about it. And yes, I am a little more open on my blog than I used to be in the interest of making my readers laugh - because I find that's the type of thing I like to read in a blog.

    Okay, this is turning into a blog entry in itself. But all that to say - you're a great blogger, and I agree - I like the way your words make it onto the screen too! So keep it up. I voted for you - you deserve it!