Monday, October 11, 2010

JD Is Old

JD is a few years older than me. This has never posed any problems for us except for the occasional musical generational gap or 80's movie that was too grown up for my young, impressionable mind to watch at the time. We are both silly, we are both intelligent and age isn't an issue for us. The thing is, JD is more than a few years older. 1,982 years older to be exact.

JD's birthday was last month and we celebrated at a local restaurant where they take your picture and bring you some chocolate cake. On his picture, Happy 2010th Birthday was written. Um, that's really old. That's saggy, old man stuff old. That's Jesus' original disciples old. JD is older, not ancient.

Happy belated birthday, Honey. You don't look a day over 75.

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