Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Perfect Beatrice

We had dinner with my brother and sister in law a few weeks back. They are newly married and have no children. After spending about an hour with Beatrice playing and talking, they announced to each other that they want one. She has that effect on people all the time. She is awesome and funny and smart and silly and cute and really, really sassy. She is the perfect mix of JD and me in 1 tiny package, but with her own quirky personality that makes her uniquely Beatrice. The most perfect Beatrice I have ever met, in fact.

She has not always made people want to procreate though. For the first several months of her life, she was grumpy and needy and demanding. Typical baby stuff really, but I wondered if people considered her a good-natured baby. She was my only baby and even I questioned the goodness of her nature. Something happened after her first birthday though. She became a person. An awesome little person with preferences and jokes and sass. I know every parent says this, but she is the funniest, most awesome little person I know. And very, very good-natured.


Beatrice has been saying her name for over 6 months now, but we're in a very cute phase of third person Bee-triss. "Bee-triss wants mama." "Bee-triss walk upstairs." "Bee-triss rock rock you." It has rubbed off onto mommy too. Mommy thinks it's really cute. Mommy loves this age. Mommy needs more popsicles. See? Third person speak is contagious. Mommy implores you to try it. 


We met JD outside as he was coming home one afternoon and Beatrice had a fit to drive Daddy's tractor. She sat in his lap and beeped the horn, reprogrammed his radio stations, and reset every setting on his dash. She freaked when it was time to come in. We decided that it was time to get her a riding toy. We searched the internet for push riding toys, pull riding toys, powered riding toys, pedaled riding toys, you get the drift. We decided on this.

It has cup holders, a cooler, SPF canopy, and seat belts. It's a pimped out wagon. She calls it her tractor. So far, we have only been on a few very hot walks in it, but she eats breakfast and lunch in it nearly everyday so we feel like we're getting our money's worth.


Beatrice likes to take her clothes off all the time, but especially when we're outside. I think it's really cute. JD hates it. Her latest naked escapade included a little skinny dipping.

Naked gardening, anyone?

Potty Chair

For a few months now, Beatrice has been telling me when she needs a die-pah change. I decided to set the potty chair in her bathroom just to test the potty training readiness waters and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she loves to pee pee on the potty. We're going full steam ahead with potty training in about 2 more weeks. Wish us luck.


I nursed for 15 months. When I weaned, Beatrice would have nothing to do with cow's milk. I made a lot of homemade ice cream back then from refused whole milk. Mmmmm, ice cream. Anyway, we have tried everything to convince her to drink milk. Nothing worked. Until one day out of the blue, I offered her some in a baby bottle. She sucked it down and has been drinking moo juice ever since. The only catch is, she only drinks it in a baby bottle. JD makes fun of me because I am the mom that threw away her pacifier at 11 months, but now at almost 20 months gives her a baby bottle. What can I say? It makes perfect sense to me. And she loves it. "Bee-triss wants mook baby bottle."

Sass Attack

90% of the time, Beatrice is a sweet, obedient child. She loves snuggles and helping mommy and praying to God. But the other 10% of the time, she is sassy. She throws fits, she tells us no, she says she doesn't love us, and she hits things. We have discipline under control, but these little sass attacks are occurring a little too often.


So that's what Beatrice has been up to. Just riding her tractor naked to the potty to pee pee because she drank too much mook in a baby bottle while being sassy talking about herself in third person. Just your run of the mill awesomeness. I don't blame you if you have an undeniable urge to go procreate now. It's a natural phenomenon that occurs around such a child. She is definitely not perfect, but she certainly is the most perfect Beatrice.


  1. oh my goodness, her eyes are beautiful!!!! sounds like you have one awesome little girl :)

  2. I love the "naked gardening" picture, classic!

  3. She is such a sweet little girl! Love her! :) I really love that she eats in her wagon, too. Hunter loves to play with anything with a steering wheel and taking him away usually results in a mini-tantrum.