Sunday, June 5, 2011

29 Weeks

It is hot. Really stinkin hot. Too hot to do much of anything outside as a human without another human living inside, so being a human with another human living inside kind of limits outside activities even more. Beatrice really likes going outside. Poor girl stands by the door and begs to go "side" several times a day. So we do a lot of swimming and floating in the pool. It's about all I can handle in this heat.

I was talking with my sister in law today about being pregnant in the summer. It's all I've ever known since both of my pregnancies occurred in the hottest season of the year. While it is really uncomfortable and HOT, there are some perks to gestating this time of year. For instance, you never have to suck anything in at the pool and you can wear flip flops without anyone really noticing your swollen feet and cankles since everyone else is wearing them too. Plus hello, popsicles.


Weight gain: Eh, I hate this part. I had my official weigh in at the doctor last week. It was not good. Her scale registered 2 lbs heavier than my home scale. I promptly reported this to both her and the nurse and they told me to go with the home scale number. Hallelujah! Home scale says I've gained 25 lbs. Her scale is the devil.
Stretch marks: YES! On my side, near my rib cage. Just one though and it's pretty small, but it better not invite its friends.
Movement: More than ever, she is wild!
Cravings: Fruit. I ate half of a huge watermelon all by myself today. Oh, and this.
Sleep: Really good. It's my favorite part of the day.
Best moment this week: Finally giving up my anxiety about the insurance fiasco we are facing and the stress of having a baby weeks after a huge cross country move. I gave it to God and now I can breathe.
Gender: Girl. Sweet, sweet girl.
Labor signs: None.
What I miss: Cooler temps.
What I'm looking forward to: Moving! Let's get on with it already!!
Weekly wisdom: I always knew the scales at the doctor's office were evil, now I have proof.
Milestones: Penelope weighs approximately 2.5 lbs so the weight gain this week is all baby! At least that's what I'm telling myself. 

A headless photo:


  1. omg..that brownie cookie thing looks absolutely sinful.

  2. ALY!!!! That brownie thingy looks so good. So good in fact I'm sending Jon to the store for everything I need to make it.. Who cares if that's all I eat today..hahaha

    You look fabulous as always..

    Try not to scratch the stretch mark. Women that are prone to them it won't matter and obviously you aren't since this is your first one.. But I had a friend that got them with her 3rd pregnancy and scratched and then it was like they just took over..

    This is my first pregnancy in the summer.. And I'm pretty sure I'm melting.. I have never in my life felt like I was on fire until recently. The heat index is getting to 115-120.. Thankfully my husband is taking our boys out otherwise I would have to sit in a wading pool..