Sunday, June 26, 2011

32 Weeks

Pregnancy is such a weird time. It's one of those things that is very public and very private all at once. I can't escape the publicness of it, not with this belly. But I like it. I like the belly rubs (from people I know, strangers at the grocery store, please refrain. Thank you). I like the when-are-you-dues. I like the excitement from family and friends. While this pregnancy is their experience too, it is predominately mine. Penelope and I have so many experiences that no one could ever be able to participate in. The kicks and hiccups in the middle of the night, they're mine. The game we play when I poke my belly in different places and she pokes back, all mine. The way that I already know her personality, mine. For such a public season where everyone knows what's happening in my uterus, it's a very personal experience.


Weight gain: I'm not posting this progress until the end. 30 lbs as of 31 weeks, blah.
Stretch marks: Just 1 little guy on my side.
Movement: Lots. I imagine Penelope doing jumping jacks in there because of the range of motion occurring. She likes to touch every square inch of my womb with her kicks and jabs.
Cravings: Ice. I hate ice normally. I like my drinks at room temperature and would never imagine liking ice. But now? The more the better. I fill my cup to the rim and guzzle icy cold water all day long. Mmmmm.
Sleep: TERRIBLE. My hips ache, my back hurts, I can't breathe, Penelope does nonstop jumping jacks, uggggh. It makes for long nights and even longer days.
Best moment this week: Meeting my friend's new baby girl. It was so special seeing her as a new mom and made me really excited about having a newborn again.
Gender: Pink!
Labor signs: I have daily contractions. Mostly when I walk farther than the next room and when I hold Beatrice. I have gone to bed many nights praying that Penelope stays put until she's full term. I am constantly told that this is normal for 2nd pregnancies, but it scares me just the same considering I never had a single contraction with Beatrice until I went into labor.
What I miss: Sleep and bras that fit. I'm going to Target tomorrow to get some cheapos to last me until the end. Cutting off rib circulation is painful.
What I'm looking forward to: Having another baby!
Weekly wisdom: Relish the sweet, private moments between mama and baby. Pretty soon, she'll be here and I'll have to share.
Milestones: Less than 8 weeks before we meet our littlest girl.

A photo for the record with the camera strategically placed to hide my newest chin. And don't mind me, I still haven't figured out where to look into the mirror when taking these self portraits.

Clickety click, please.
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  1. I have been craving ice and cold drinks, too, which is weird because I normally dislike cold drinks and prefer my water room temp!