Thursday, June 30, 2011


Our big move to California has been delayed until October. JD is bummed, but I am kind of relieved since I'm the one great with child and the burden of where to deliver has now been resolved. While this is turning out to be a blessing, there is still a minor detail to be worked out. We have nowhere to live.

Our renters will be moving in August so we will be nomads for 2 months. Our families have graciously offered their spare rooms to us. It looks like we will be spending a little time here and a little time there. Mostly with my brother and sister in law in their 4 bedroom house. 

This presents a whole new set of hurdles for us. Seth and Jenny do not have any children yet. They are about to have 2 living with them full time for 2 months. They promise they are excited, but they have no idea what they are about to get themselves into. Babies are messy and require lots of stuff. There is also endless poop, laundry, and barf. Their spotless house is not gonna know what hit it. Just kidding guys, if you're reading this. Ha ha ha..........

There is also the matter of labor. Will they allow me to sit on their furniture when I enter the last weeks of pregnancy for fear of bodily fluid leaks? Will they make me sleep on the floor? Do they know what they have done inviting us in with me in this state??? I don't think they've thought this through...but don't tell them because then we are really homeless, mmkay?

Despite not being allowed on the furniture, I am excited about shacking up with family for a few months. We can save some money, spend quality time, and finalize a few more loose ends here before we make the big move. That right there? It's called a silver lining. I'm getting good at finding those lately. We would appreciate your prayers that there will be no more delays. Oh, and pray for Seth and Jenny. They're gonna need it.

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