Thursday, June 9, 2011


I hate the notion that there are no regrets in life, that every life experience has strengthened or taught the person something. I have done a lot of things that I regret in my life. Everything I have done that I regret has been a bad decision. There were no learning experiences to be had in my checkered past, just regretful mistakes. Like that time I begged my mom to let me perm my bangs and leave the rest of my hair straight. That was a bad decision. The crazy all candy diet I went on in college, absolutely nothing to learn there. Going on a credit card shopping binge in my twenties, nothing but stupid and destructive. And really expensive. I try to live in a way that I won't make huge, regrettable mistakes anymore.

But sometimes I just use bad judgment and don't know that it will be a bad decision until it's too late. Sometimes I don't think about the consequences and end up wishing that I had sought counsel before acting on my impulses. Sometimes there is so much chocolate involved and everything else gets blurry. Sometimes I ignore all common sense and just go with my animal instinct. Sometimes I make this:

That's the ultimate chocolate chip cookie double stuffed oreo brownie bar. Also known as the biggest regret of my life, today anyway. It is rich, it is over the top, it is never going to happen again. I am wrapping it up and giving it to friends and family as soon as I awaken from the sugar coma I am currently in. Don't be like me.

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  1. This was way to rich for me.. Thankfully I only took a bit and then Jon and his friend and my parents spilt the rest of the pan..