Friday, December 31, 2010

We're Not Meant for the Outside World

JD and I have become that cliche couple that has a baby and never goes out again. You know the one. The couple that disappears off of the radar once they have a baby, never to be seen at couples' weekend getaways, the movie theater, or out to dinner again. The couple that holes up in their home and never goes anywhere without their precious offspring. That's us. And we kind of love it. We are big homebodies so this suits us just fine. We are more content watching a Netflix movie in our pajamas with our girl sleeping soundly upstairs than we would be at a restaurant. But every once in awhile, we are bitten by the social bug and actually want to venture outside of the comforts of our home and do something. Especially on a holiday weekend.

Tonight we decided to drive 30 miles into the city to a famous hotel to check out the massive Christmas light display they put on. Every year it gets better and better and since we haven't done anything in so long, we decided that it would be the perfect celebratory thing to do for New Year's Eve. Plus, we could take along Beatrice and she would love it.

I was so proud of us for not backing out like we've done for the last month. We got ready like we had planned and left on time. Everyone was in good spirits. We were going to get there early to avoid the traffic and have enough time to grab some Mexican food and be home in time for Beatrice's bedtime. It was going to be a night to remember. The start of a New Year's tradition perhaps. The night's potential had no limits as far as we were concerned.

We got there in excellent time. 4 o'clock on the dot. Actually, we got off of the exit at 4. It was about 5:15 when we made it the half mile onto the property. Traffic was a nightmare. We literally did not move, not one single inch, for an hour. I was starving, Beatrice was hollering in the backseat, and JD was mumbling what a terrible idea this was and how badly the whole thing sucked. It was not festive and definitely not celebratory. After pleading with Beatrice to be happily confined in the dark backseat to no avail, I crawled back there to set her free. Don't worry, we weren't moving. Children have to be buckled in a moving vehicle. We never moved so she was perfectly safe. Lots of climbing took place in between the several demands for boovie. Like boobie, but with an exotic twist. After 2 hours of sitting in line to get to the parking area, we gave up. We turned around and came home. I was disappointed and angry, JD was grumpy and impatient, and Beatrice was hungry. Our big night out was a complete wash.

As soon as I buckled Beatrice back in her car seat, she began to scream so I stayed in the backseat in efforts to keep her calm on the drive home. I failed miserably. While she screamed and cried for more boovie, I sat in the dark and fumed. I may have even cried a little bit. I hate when a plan doesn't work out. And I hate wasting time. Because of the level of suckage of being stuck in unmoving traffic for 2 hours, we didn't engage in meaningful conversation. We didn't discuss New Year's resolutions. We just complained. And whipped out boovies in the backseat of my car. It was a wasted night.

We ended up calling in takeout and eating at home. Beatrice went to bed an hour past her bedtime and JD had to go to work. It was not the perfect family night that I had planned. But as we laid in bed for a few moments before he had to leave, we started laughing as we recapped the night. How hilarious to have a perfectly planned outing go so horribly wrong. Especially when we never go out. It proved how terrible we are at outings and how perfect we are at staying in. Looking back, the whole shebang was pretty awesome.

Happy New Year!


  1. Boovie in the back seat! I love it!
    With teens my own social life continues to be quite limited. You did a great job describing a typical outing in my house.

  2. BOO!! I saw where that was going immediately....with the "going" to's, and "plans" it had to go ary! I admit to having popped a boobie in a screaming big girls mouth while she sits in her seat (backwards at the time, it worked better). LOL. YAY for nights in. Our weekends for the ENTIRE month of January are booked....needless to say, I'm not totally excited!

  3. Oh shoot! I know the feeling of being 'that couple'!