Sunday, December 12, 2010


We have snow.

Not much, but enough to cancel schools and make driving a last resort option since the roads are slick. When we get snow around here, people strip the grocery store shelves of milk and eggs and hole up in their homes until the roads clear. Southerners don't drive in the snow. At least this Southerner doesn't.

Unless it's to go to Best Buy to get a new DSLR camera. Remember when I got paid to write for a food website? Well, I got fired. Not really, I was told that there were copyright issues with some of the content so the site was ceasing all new entries for the time being. While all of that may be true, I can't help but think the quality (or lack thereof) of my photos wasn't really making me a hot commodity for their site. The editor kept emailing me links on how to take a better photo. I tried to explain that my puny digital camera just wasn't capable of taking high quality photos, but it didn't really matter. They loved my writing but wanted better pictures. It got to the point that it was just embarrassing. So I got a new camera. JD took it over as soon as I got home from the icy conditions. He said that as the man, he felt obligated to learn all about the camera so he could teach his lowly wife. Mmm hmmm.

Look at how high I can jump. JD made me do this at least 10 times so he could master the "action" feature. 

We took Beatrice out to touch the snow. I wanted to lay her in it to make snow angels but JD wouldn't let me.

It was really, really cold. She enjoyed the snow much better from inside the house.

We made cookies and ate them warm from the oven. There may have been some fa-la-la-la-la-ing in between all of the nom-nom-nomming.

The sound of the drip, drip, drip from the faucets paired with the howling wind is gonna make for some good sleeping. The overnight low is 8 degrees. Thank God JD is off tonight. Snuggles are in my future on this blustery night.