Monday, December 6, 2010

I Need Mistletoe

JD and I have this game where we kiss each other in unlikely places. Not unlikely places on our bodies, unlikely places in the world. Sheesh. We I want to kiss every place we go. It started when we were dating as a joke. If we found ourselves in a place that didn't warrant a kiss or romantic moment, we kissed just to say that we kissed at said place. "Kiss me on the escalator to the food court." "Kiss me at the red light on Broad St." "Kiss me in your mom's driveway at 3 o'clock in the afternoon." And on and on. We have kissed all over town and most surrounding states. The kissing game is my favorite.

The novelty of this game has worn out for JD. He is mostly annoyed when I say, "kiss me while I stir this pot of chili" or "kiss me while your mom and dad sit on our couch." I would never admit to taking the game too far because that's the point of the game: to kiss in the most outrageous/stupidest places. I will admit to driving him to the point of hating this game though. He rolls his eyes and begrudgingly gives me the most half-hearted kiss when I say, "kiss me before they collect the offering at church." The game has taken a turn for the ugly and if I don't watch it, I will be the only player in this most awesome pursuit.

That is why I need mistletoe. You cannot deny someone a kiss under mistletoe. It's a law. And I'm pretty sure JD has only kissed me under approximately 10 different balls of the stuff in our lifetime so the game is still on. Plus, I can keep moving it around so it will be, "kiss me under the mistletoe in the kitchen," and "kiss me under the mistletoe in the foyer." The game must go on. With so many awesome, unkissable places left to kiss each other, it simply must.

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