Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beatrice the Snacking Warrior Christmas Elf

With just a handful of days left until Christmas, I have been dressing her in the most festive outfits in order to get some wear out of them. Here she is being a Christmas elf in her stripey dot tights and ornament bloomers.

Monday she wore her Christmas present shirt and candy cane leggings while eating a "nack."

And today, she was the sword wielding Christmas warrior with her nordic holiday leg warmers and stupid bearded hat I made for my brother. Topless, of course. That's how sword wielding Christmas warriors roll.

She's fierce.

Only 2 more days and several outfits to work in. Can we do it? Yes. Yes we can.


  1. BLAH! I had little luck this year!! Between the tight budget and the minimal time. I only have one or 2. Today...I went looking for some on sale for next year to get a jump start!!

  2. She looks so cute!!! I hope one day I have a little girl to dress up in cute leggings and tights! :)
    Guess it's not too bad dressing Hunter up in collared shirts and sweater vests.