Saturday, December 11, 2010

Steppin' Out and Looking Wrinkly When I Thought I Looked Good

Our church just built this huge new sanctuary that allows for many awesome Christian artists to come and have concerts. JD and I have been to 3 in the last 3 months and we just love it. Point of Grace performed their Christmas concert last night and it was really fun. I struggled staying awake since I NEVER go out at night, but it was a great, Christmasy date.

Here's what I wore:

Never mind how crazy my eyes look in that photo, I felt like a nerd taking a photo by myself in the lobby of church while people walked by staring. I was trying to tell JD with my eyes to hurry up and take the picture already. Let's just say he was dawdling...

Necklace, Forever 21
Top/dress, French Connection
Jeggings, Forever 21
Boots, Nine West

I was all excited to take the photo because it's the first time I have dressed in an outfit that was cute in a few weeks, but it was freezing in the concert so I kept my coat on and wrinkled myself something terrible. Sigh. Just ignore the wrinkles. I am.

Speaking of POG, Shelley (one of the awesome trio) sang at our wedding. She is a close friend of my sister in law. We love her for that and feel like we are best friends with a real life celebrity. She is writing a hilarious blog while she is on the road for their Christmas concert series and you all should check it out. Seriously, start at the beginning and read all of her posts. She is a riot.

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  1. Haha! Bless your heart. I have had that happen SO many times when I thought I was looking adorable, then when I see pictures later I'm a wrinkly hot mess! You still look super cute, though! Aren't jeggings the best?!