Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards Throughout the Ages

Not really the ages, but since we've been a family. I did some digging and found all 3 of our Christmas cards since getting married. Without further ado, the parade of Christmas cards:

I love this card. I chose a wedding photo because we had soooooo many great ones, I wanted to incorporate one more before our first anniversary arrived and people started getting sick of seeing them. This is one of my favorite wedding photos because it is so happy and festive. I spent big on these at Tiny Prints. It's grainy because I scanned the card stock. 

Our 2nd year Christmas card was tricky. We had just sent out Beatrice's birth announcements the month before so all of the good photos of her were taken. Plus, she was in a cross-eyed phase so most of the snapshots we had were unusable. But more importantly, I was still very postpartum fat and hated all photographs that displayed my several chins. We settled on this. You can detect some cross-eyedness in Beatrice and a hint of multiple chins on me... What are ya gonna do? These were super cheap from Vista Print.

This year's card is probably my favorite because it perfectly compliments our weird outfit colors, it's made of thick card stock, and it is fun. It took me forever to design because there were so many cute, usable photos this year. I think I made a good choice. Nothing says Merry Christmas like pink, red, and cows grazing in a pasture. These were free from Shutterfly.

Paper and stationery are favorite things of mine so I take designing our Christmas cards pretty seriously. I want a thick card stock, the perfect message, and sweet photos that encompass what our year was like. I think each card tells the perfect tale of our little family's history. I look forward to doing this for many years to come. Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love them all! What a beautiful family you have! :)