Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Was Merry Indeed

We had a blessed, whirlwind, exhausting, wonderful Christmas celebration this year. Christmas Eve marked the official start of our celebrating. With both families in town, we have learned that it is easiest to split the Christmases between them over 2 days. At 3 o'clock on Friday, we met everyone at church for candlelight service. It is my favorite part of Christmas. Really. I love the production our church puts on reminding us of the miraculous gift of having God come to earth as a baby to save us. It overwhelms me. And to share that with all of our family? Emotionally overwhelming. I peeked at my brothers during the singing and we all had tears welling up in our eyes. There are some members in our family that are not saved and having everyone in church together, even if it's only a few times a year, is a huge thing for us. We are blessed to know Jesus.

We did Christmas with my family after church. Between our Italian feast, Christmas china, gifts, and lots of laughter, there was still the excitement that we all got to do it all over again with the rest of our families the next day.

Beatrice is not allowed to touch our tree so she's figured out that if she stands close enough to it, it is touching her without her having to touch it. Semantics. But the trees at everyone else's houses? Fair game.

Sitting still for presents proved to be difficult.

My family loved their crocheted gifts.

What a difference a year makes.

We woke up Christmas morning to snow! Our living room quickly looked like a bomb exploded, but it was kind of great watching Beatrice play with all of her toys all over the house. She had a blast. Waking up to open gifts in my own living room and staying in my pajamas until it was time to go to Nana's was so wonderful. This is the first year that has happened. I dug it.

JD and I were blessed with great gifts too.

We had lunch at my grandmother's house with aunts, uncles, and cousins. Everyone had a fit over Beatrice and she had a multitude of playmates.

After lunch, it was off to JD's sister's house. Cousins, more food, and even more gifts, we were bursting at the seams with Christmas cheer.

My brother and his Jenni got engaged this weekend.

It was a wonderfully happy weekend. I hope everyone out there in internet land had as blessed a Christmas as we did.

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  1. OMG where do you shop for Beatrice? I'm sure you've mentioned this before but i just LOVE all the cute "southern" outfits! And what is the story of the ring on her finger?