Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who Knew?

I did something that I said I would never do yesterday. I went against all of my principles and convictions on a subject that I'm pretty passionate about. I bought cheap toilet paper.

No matter what our financial situation has been, I have always bought the thick, soft, super expensive Charmin 12 pack. The stuff is around $10 a package but totally worth it. You can't put a price on good TP. Since becoming a single income family, I have become a coupon guru shopping only the sales and never, ever paying full price. Except when it came to TP.  But I have grown accustomed to paying $.13 for toothpaste and getting most of my pantry staples for free with couponing, so paying $10 every week felt like I was flushing money down the toilet every time I bought TP. And I was. Literally. Until I bought the 12 pack of Cottonelle for $4. Not only is it soft and durable (characteristics you should look for when purchasing TP), we have tons of it so I can use it liberally. I used the Charmin like the roll had to last us the entire month. 3 squares at a time. Never more. Never. 

I feel liberated, like I have been set free from the confines of toilet paper snobbery. I have gone outside the box and it feels good. Not at all scratchy or sand-papery. 

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