Monday, July 26, 2010

Operation M.I.L.D.

I have been complaining for oh say, 9 months now about how I'm going to get back in shape and tighten up what is now so very, very loose. Well this morning with a lot of coaxing from JD, I drug my loose behind out of bed and went to the gym. Before 8:30. I only lasted 40 minutes but Operation M.I.L.D. has commenced. M.I.L.D. is like M.I.L.F without the explicative. And because I haven't worked out in over a year, I will be doing it mildly. 

It actually wasn't so bad. The gym wasn't the usual muscle show it is during the afternoon when no one is really working out but just standing there flexing and posing. That's when the pretty people go. 8am is more my style. There were maybe 3 guys working out with trainers but mostly the gym was full of moms like me with messy ponytails, no makeup, and loose behinds. Except for the girl on the Stairmaster in front of me, wench. 

It was really nice going early and coming home to a baby fed and ready to nap. By the time she was down, I had worked out, showered, changed our sheets, swept, and now I am doing this. But honestly, I really only went to get JD off of my back. You see, every time I go into my closet and try something on that doesn't fit properly or makes me feel like a wannabe M.I.L.D., he says "go to the gym." Not in a nagging your-postpartum-body-disgusts-me kind of way. Just a I'm-getting-sick-of-hearing-you-complain-get-up-and-do-something-about-it way. And he's right. I just needed to get up and do something. 

So this morning I did. When I came home he asked if I felt all discouraged and bad about myself. Ummm, no. But now I know how he feels about my physique. I actually felt pumped and excited that I can and will do something. It was probably just the endorphins talking, but whatever. Beatrice was alive and well and eating pancakes with half of her diaper unattached when I returned, but alive nonetheless. So I guess I will be working out now. No more excuses. JD will have his M.I.L.D. after all. 


  1. Aly, whether you workout or not, you are definitely a M.I.L.D.! But good for you getting up because it does make you feel better.

  2. Well thanks. But you're right, working out does make me feel so much better, with or without results.

  3. A fed baby ready to nap would be motivation enough for me!

  4. Can someone please come feed, dress and mind my babies so I can work on this 2+ yr baby fat. I wanna be a MILD too.... ;oD

  5. Good for you for doing it! I am still working on a workout routine that suits me. Of course it doesn't help that I work full time, commute two hours per day, and they just canceled the evening yoga classes.

    Happy SITS Day! Enjoy the comment love today.