Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Means War

I am at war in my own house. War against cat litter. I vacuum every day. Every single day. No matter how hard I try to keep the floors clean, my cat continues to kick litter outside of his box. And there is nothing worse than walking barefoot on grainy floors. Oh wait, an infant crawling around on grainy floors is worse. Awesome. I can handle many disgusting things but cat litter grains on my hardwood is the bane of my existence and I rue the day that I opened my home to that litter kicking furry beast. Or at least acquired a pet that called for a box to hold its feces. Because who doesn't love feces boxes? It's my decorating scheme.

So I vacuum. And vacuum and vacuum. And my floors stay clean for about 5 minutes because that's how long it takes the cat to muster enough courage to emerge from his hiding spot and go kick some more litter onto the floor. Our floor plan doesn't allow for the cat's box to be anywhere but where it is so I have learned to deal with it by vacuuming a lot. And ruing the day. Then a little extra vacuuming. And I round everything out with some more vacuuming. And finally, I vacuum to finalize the vacuuming.

Oh and to make matters worse, Beatrice ate cat food today. And liked it. As if worrying about my floors weren't enough now I have to divert my baby's attention away from the cat's uber expensive special dietary food. Honestly, the first thing I thought when I discovered that she ate it was how we can't afford to buy more $40 a bag cat food if Beatrice continues to eat it. Not, "oh how gross, cat food is not good for babies." I'm pretty sure that's not a normal reaction but now you realize the full extent this whole cat litter thing has played on me. I'm not well.

JD's made it pretty clear that the cat is here to stay and suggested that maybe I need to vacuum twice a day. You know, to give him more opportunities to kick some litter on the floor. I will continue to wage war on a losing battle but I don't care. I cannot live like this. The cat is so freaked out with all of the vacuuming that I do feel small victories every time he darts under a curtain to take cover. But then he goes to the litter box to kick litter so I guess the joke's on me.


  1. My kids keep wanting to get a cat or dog. This is one reason I haven't yet.

  2. Do you have a little mat to catch the litter in? Mine helps. Or a covered box, less space to kick it out of? Or more shallow litter? You'd have to scoop it more often, but less litter to spray around. It's gross. I have the same problem.

  3. BOO!!! Dang Cat!! No me gusto el gatos!!!