Monday, July 19, 2010


My life has changed drastically since Beatrice become mobile. Gone are the days of lying her on a blanket in the living room while I pay bills/prepare dinner/go to the bathroom. As soon as she hits the floor, she is off like a little tiny wind up doll or baby robot. She moves like a walking horse because her arms never bend when she crawls. Instead they go up down up down with rigid motion. She's bumped her head a few times on the furniture but the items that are worse for wear since she became a little explorer: the electronics.

This kid can have the pick of any toy in the house and she bypasses them all for the remotes/plugs/laptops/cell phones/DVD player/etc. It's hard enough trying to figure out how to turn on the TV with the 3 remotes required without having Beatrice change all of the settings when she pushes every button. She's smart too. We gave her my old disconnected Blackberry (because she wants nothing to do with toy phones) and she somehow called the Verizon directory through the bluetooth in my car. The battery has since been removed. Yesterday I caught her sucking on the power cord for my MacBook and discovered today that it no longer works. JD was all freaked out about her sucking the PLUGGED IN power cord so I sucked on it to prove that nothing happens.....that thing shocked the heck out of my tongue. Beatrice was going to town on it without a mere flinch. What is wrong with my baby??? So today I have to take my computer to the doctor and hopefully find out it just needs a hard reboot or something cheap easy. 

It's not like we let her play with the electronics. She is just so darn fast and throws a fit for the stuff. I don't know what the solution is but I hope to figure it out before all of our stuff is slobbered to death.


  1. Jack goes STRAIGHT for the wires, remote, computer, cell phone. It is like they have a radar for electronics. Good luck!

  2. I feel ya! We have a decoy remote, but M KNOWS it's not the right one, so he wants nothing to do with it! Everything is up and way out of reach. It's temporary... just keep saying that!