Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Safety First

Our cat, Heathcliff Ferdinand, AKA Diddle, has had to sacrifice a lot since we had Beatrice. Because of this, he has to sleep in the bathroom at night. We no longer play hide and seek every day and he's lucky to get a wadded up receipt "paper ball" to play with let alone any real cat toys tossed his way. We pet him at best twice a day and Beatrice chases him relentlessly. His life basically sucks.

When he was little, we commissioned a handyman friend to build the Tower of Power:

It's a 6 foot wooden monstrosity with multiple levels for ultimate climbing fun. He loves it. Well, he used to love it. We had to give it to my brother and sister in law because of this:

That's my child playing near the Tower of Baby Danger Power. Don't worry, being the subpar cat parents that we are, we replaced it with this:

We like to call this the Mountain of Mediocrity. It's lightweight, low to the ground and he hates it. He has had nothing to do with it since the Tower of Power has been evicted. I feel bad for him, but that mammoth of a cat perch was too much of a hazard for our human baby. I'm sure he understands.

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