Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forever 21 Made Me Feel Like A Loser

We took a family shopping trip last weekend. JD had to get some new work clothes and I decided to tag along for one reason: he lets me buy stuff. We ended up in Forever 21. This is not my favorite store. In fact, I only go in because my friends shop there and always find adorable outfits for CHEAP. I am more of an Anthropologie and J. Crew kind of a girl. But anyway, there we were, in Forever 21 with a bazillion 20 year olds with perfect bodies and their fabulous senses of style.

Before I go on, let me paint you a picture. Almost every week day I wear shorts and a tank top. I always wear makeup but I only fix my hair a few times a week. Beatrice and I don't go very many places that require a more stylish wardrobe. When I walked into Forever 21 last weekend, I was wearing jorts (not the nerdy ones from junior high, the cute bermuda length ones from the Gap), a tank top with my inch wide nursing bra straps peeking out (sexy), flip flops and my 4 day old dirty hair pulled back in a ponytail. I instantly felt self-conscious when the girls in front of us had on the tightest, shortest gym clothes with full hair and makeup. Then I became self-conscious of the way I look at the gym. I never wear makeup and never, ever fix my hair. Here I was, in my mom-iform pushing a stroller with my husband following behind ready to hold my purse. I did not belong in that store.

I looked through the tanks and tops and found some cute stuff but realized that I either A) had nowhere to wear them and B) didn't know how to wear them in an outfit. I spent all last year pregnant and all of this year nursing and getting my body back. I have not put an outfit together in almost 2 years and quite frankly, I don't know how anymore. I want to be stylish and look put together, even if it's just for JD. I'm 28 years old for goodness sake. I'm not ready for mom jeans and mock turtlenecks.

I ended up leaving Forever 21 and going into Baby Gap. Beatrice got several new outfits and honestly, at this point in my life dressing her up is more fun than dressing myself. But I'm not ready to give up. I am going to make more of an effort to be stylish and put some outfits together. I may not be forever 21, but I refuse to be Cold Water Creek before my time.


  1. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Forever 21. Now I walk in there and can't find one thing I like. I feel like I am going from the "cool girl" to the mom. Oh well, life goes on!

  2. HILARIOUS!!! Preach it Sister! Between prego and post partum...let's face it, I looked cuter PREGNANT!! I had TIME to fix myself then!! Oh, someday! See, I don't even remember how to fix my hair!!

  3. I wish I had a stylist tell me how to put an outfit together. I used to know how but now I have to dress for easy access for nursing first, style second.

  4. Oh I feel the exact same way and recently left the mall empty handed because I have no idea where I "fit in" anymore or know anything about what's in style! there has to be somewhere inbetween abercrombie and coldwater creek! please let us know if u find it! haha