Saturday, July 23, 2011


This is a text message exchange that occurred last night:

Friend: Nice. How is packing going? Hope you aren't too stressed.
Me: It's going slow...I do it while Beatrice naps. I end up packing a box or 2, then lay on the couch :)
Don't tell JD......
Friend: Lol, it's amazing you get one or two done! I hate packing!
Me: He has no idea that it only takes about 10 mins to pack a box.....he thinks I'm working so hard
Friend: Lol! I would totally not offer up that information. I bet he's so proud of his wife! It is just so not right to work through an entire nap!!
Me: I just got busted! He looked at my phone. That's what I get for trying to be stealthy

The moral of the story is don't text your friend something that you don't want your husband to know when you are sitting next to him.

Needless to say, packing is coming along slowly. We move in with my brother in 2 weeks so the urgency to really take packing seriously has not quite hit me yet. 2 weeks seems like forever, like all of my little breaks aren't really affecting the amount of work not being accomplished. But I realized today that I really need to step it up. For every closet that gets emptied, 5 more are left untouched. Every china cabinet packed away leaves the entire kitchen and its contents unpacked. The progress I'm making is quickly being overshadowed by the work that remains. Sigh. 

Time is ticking away and now, 2 weeks doesn't seem to be long enough to accomplish everything. So I have been packing more than 2 boxes before I take a break on the couch. Today I packed 3. JD has been helping too. Tomorrow we have big plans to clear out some major boxes and store some furniture. We shall see how much gets accomplished before I take a break.

And just so you know, I don't routinely do things behind JD's back. Unless it has to do with syrup or packing, I am a pillar of truth and transparency. Just so you know. 


  1. Hilarious!! I was texting my mom one time with ideas for T's birthday...while sitting next to him. I didnt even realize it until I said something about a nice set for the grill and he said "Nah, I like your first idea better." Lesson learned. Great post!

  2. So busted. Hope I didn't get you into too much trouble. :) Don't stress out too much about packing, Penelope needs her mama to be pretty low stress! It'll get done 2-3 boxes at a time!

  3. This.Is.Awesome. LOL! We have to pack up everything this week. It's too much work, ahhhh! Good luck with your move. :)