Sunday, July 31, 2011

37 Weeks

Did you know that the average woman is pregnant for l0 months?

40 weeks in a pregnancy / 4 weeks in a month = 10 months

That is not entirely accurate though. By the time the egg meets the sperm and all the cellular multiplying happens, the woman is considered 2 weeks pregnant. By the time a positive pregnancy test occurs, she is 4 weeks along. Now I'm no math whiz, but by my calculations the average woman is pregnant for a really long time. The majority of a year. Or half of 2 years, depending on when you get pregnant. It's a long time to host another body inside of your own.

With that said, this pregnancy sure has flown by. Today marks the full term point of this pregnancy. More confusing pregnancy trivia: 37 weeks is considered full term, however there are still 3 weeks until my due date and up to 5 more weeks of being safely pregnant for a grand total of 42 weeks gestation. All in all, I could be pregnant for a year and a half. Or something like that. I'm not great with math. I think having a toddler to chase after and a move to plan has preoccupied my time with not really thinking about being pregnant. And here I am, 9 months along, at the end, with mere glimpses of memories of the morning we found out I was pregnant. I vaguely remember the first doctor's appointment and the sound of her heartbeat for the first time. Soon enough, the only kicks I will be feeling will be from her tiny little legs while I nurse her in the middle of the night. Penelope is fully cooked and this pregnancy is almost over, all 154 weeks of it. Or something like that. 


Weight gain: 40 lbs as of my 36 week appointment last week. I don't know why I'm telling you since a few weeks ago I was feeling all depressed about it. I guess I'm banking on the hope that there's no way I'll gain 10 lbs in 3 weeks. Please dear God, don't let me gain 10 lbs in 3 weeks. 
Stretch marks: Yes. I can't really tell if I have any new ones from the original tiger scratch I found a few weeks ago, although the ones I have are looking beefier. Sigh. 
Movement: Yes.
Cravings: Ice and carbonation. I had a Coke this weekend and it was divine.
Sleep: What's that?
Best moment this week: I feel like I have gained some maturity about being in late pregnancy this past week. I really want to complain and cry and feel sorry for myself for being so uncomfortable and in so much pain all the time, but I'm being a real trooper and not allowing myself to go there. Also, I think I have come to terms with weight gain and stretch marks. Instead of really fretting over it like I have been, I kind of don't care anymore. Not in a bad way, just in an adult, this-is-the-way-it-goes kind of way.
Gender: Girl.
Labor signs: A few. Also, how personal do we all want to get from here on out? Do you want to know about my mucous plug? Is anyone interested in my cervical dilation? Is all that too weird and personal for anyone??? I need to decide how I feel about this before things get all slimy and birthy up in here.
What I miss: Sleep and a home of our own to nest in.
What I'm looking forward to: Moving in with my brother and sister in law this week. And I'm aware that this answer totally contradicts my previous statement. I can't really explain it. 
Weekly wisdom: A lot of personal stuff has challenged me/us this past week and I never tire of being reminded of God's grace, mercy, and provision in our lives. He astounds me with His love and I want more and more to be with Him forever and forever.
Milestones: Full term!

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  1. You are such a pretty pregnant woman, if its any consolation! I bet your so ready at this point to have her here. You are definitely all belly, so the weight should go away pretty quickly. Congrats!! And good luck with the move.