Friday, July 29, 2011


With only 3 weeks left until Penelope arrives, I have been nesting up a storm. I have been scrubbing sinks and organizing drawers, washing tiny clothes and boiling breast pump parts, sewing burp cloths and crocheting blankets. There are so many things to do and get ready for her arrival, I have been working like a mad woman trying to accomplish everything in time. This would normally be considered productive, but we are moving in with my brother and sister in law in a week so all of my organizational efforts are pretty much a big waste of time. The force of nature that is nesting before a newborn comes home is a strong one though, and I am powerless against it.

My biggest problem with nesting up a storm (other than not having a permanent home to nest in) is that I start too many projects at once. Currently, I have booties to finish crocheting, a blanket to complete, burp cloths to applique and sew, gowns to personalize, and hats to make. Not to mention I've started on our living room revamp project and still have 4 pillows to cover. Sigh. I have high hopes to finish it all and pack our house up in the 6 days we have left here. I nest big, folks. Big and ridiculous nester, right here. Oh, and I also fully intend to maintain the blog, have a yard sale next weekend, attend birthday parties, and a baby shower. All while not going into labor. If you don't set goals, things won't get done, know what I mean? But mostly, I'm just a big, ridiculous nester. Pray for me. And my poor husband who has just about had it with the multiple projects scattered about our house.

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