Saturday, July 9, 2011

Paradise In The Toys R Us Parking Lot

If you've been keeping up with my weekly pregnancy stats, you know that I have a mild obsession with ice. It's probably the July heat that is inducing this flavorless craving since most of my normal cravings involve things topped with buttercream and oozing with chocolate. I hate ice usually, but there is something about it that makes this 100 degree heat index more bearable. Probably the fact that it's ice and ice is cold. Probably. Ice is kind of a priority in my life right now.

When I was in high school, my friends and I were obsessed with rollerblading our local greenway fitness trails. After blading 7 miles after school, we would head over to this shaved ice trailer parked in the tanning bed parking lot. $1 got you a mound of freshly shaved ice covered in delicious high fructose corn syrup and endless flavor options. My favorite was wedding cake. The other day, I told my best friend that my life would be complete if our town still had that shaved ice trailer. She said that it did. The trailer was parked in the Toys R Us parking lot. Shut. The. Front. Door.


This makes me happy. Very, very happy. The only catch is that they are only open from noon until 6 every day. Smack dab in the middle of lunch and nap time. No biggie, I simply make sure Beatrice and I are running errands on that side of town around noon a few times a week. Shaved iced sometimes equals lunch. Sometimes. The other catch is that they only accept cash. This is a major catch since I never have cash. I have been hoarding quarters and searching JD's pockets for dollar bills so I can indulge in my frosty treat. Are ATM fees justified when you have a craving that just won't quit? Because of weird hours and the cash only thing, I have only been 3 times since I discovered this little paradise. That's not even close to being enough to satisfy my need for ice, but I am making due. Mostly with mango and peaches and cream.

I have dreams about shaved ice. I think of ways to get to the trailer before 6 and not have to answer to JD about why dinner isn't ready, or even started yet. I consider new ways to make cash. I have thought about breaking into the trailer and stealing the ice shaver or better yet, hitching that trailer to the back of my car and hauling the whole shebang off to an undisclosed location for my own personal consumption of shaved ice. Only for a second though, because that is stealing and JD says there is nothing worse than a thief. Plus, I'm pretty sure a Maxima can't haul a shaved ice trailer into the woods by my house. Can it? 

All of this nonsense for ice. What can I say? I am obsessed. It is that good.


  1. Target has their shaved ice machines on clearance for 10 bucks :) And the syrup is just like 4 bucks for a 3 pack. I know because I just bought one for B's birthday party!