Monday, July 25, 2011

Bad Mood

Today started with me waking at 6 am with a serious urge to pee. I know better than to get up because once I do, I'm awake. My urge to go was serious though so there was no ignoring it. I got up and ran to the bathroom with my eyes mostly closed in efforts to not fully wake up and I ran back to the warm spot in bed. Too late. I was awake. And tired. I laid there next to JD for 2 hours wishing, praying, and begging to go back to sleep. Nada. JD got up at 8 and brought Beatrice into bed for cartoons while we got ready for a bazillion errands. She head-butted me in the face and gave me a busted lip, but not the bloody kind where people feel sorry for you. The blood blister kind that no one can see, but still hurts. The morning continued with the realization that my face had gained 20 lbs overnight. Seriously, last night my face was normal sized and this morning it looked like I was attacked by bees in my sleep. Bees and cake since I'm pretty sure bee stings don't give you multiple chins.

With the knowledge that I am officially enormous in the face, a busted lip no one could see, and total exhaustion from half a night's sleep, I was in a mood. A bad one. It wasn't until I almost amputated JD's arm in the car door that I started laughing. He was giving Beatrice her sippy cup through the open door with his arm coming from above the window. It was weird, I can't really explain it but his arm looked like it was floating so I closed the door on the muscly part I couldn't see. I didn't laugh sadistically or anything, but out of complete surrender to a day that was destined to be terrible at 9 am. JD wasn't too happy that I was laughing, his arm was still hurting and all, but he was relieved that I was over my mood. Bad moods are contagious in this house. One person in mood is bearable, but multiple people? We implode. Not really, but we do hurt each other's feelings and make life pretty miserable. So I decided to change my mood. Did you know you can do that? You totally can. It's pretty awesome. 

I decided to be in a good mood. And you know what? The day got better. We accomplished all of our errands and chores, had a great morning with Beatrice, and really enjoyed our time together on JD's day off. What could have been a day full of irritability has been really nice and peaceful. I'm still tired, my lip hurts, and my face is fatter than ever, but I didn't succumb to a crappy mood. Simply because I didn't want to. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Good for you! I find myself faced with that choice on a regular basis. And I'm much happier when I make the RIGHT choice!

    Here's to a better start to tomorrow!

  2. LOL - I felt like that 2 weeks ago - too tired, face twice the size of my head - and just so dog-gone irritated.(My friends tell me it's menopause for me - LOL) Searching for those moments to turn the day around - doesn't change how you feel physically but it really helps how the heart feels for the rest of the day! Hope you feel better tomorrow!