Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Place of Our Own

We are down to 2 days before we move in with my brother and sister in law. We are also down a hundred million boxes, 2000 miles of bubble wrap, and 50 bajillion pieces of newspaper. Moving sucks. And it's not just the packing and wrapping and boxing that is so terrible, it's the whole leaving-the-comforts-of-home thing that is really hard for me. I don't like moving. At all.

I freak a little every time I move. The week before our wedding, JD and I were busy packing my things to bring to his place. He was in another room doing something and I was unpacking my clothes when I had a complete emotional meltdown. It hit me that my place was gone and now I had nowhere to feel at home. I knew that eventually his place would feel like home and be my home, but during the time that it didn't, it was going to be hard. There would be no sense of ah-it's-good-to-be-home that you get when you walk in the door after a long day. No comfortable morning routine of coffee and news and cereal bowls left in the sink. Things are different when you first move somewhere new, and that's always hard for me.

This move is especially hard because we are leaving the home we fell in love in. The back patio where JD proposed to me surrounded by hundreds of twinkling tea lights and scattered rose petals. The house where we made our babies and brought the first one home to. We fought here, laughed here, cried here, prayed together for the first time here, were disappointed at plans that didn't pan out here, and celebrated when dreams came true here. This place has been more than a place to live, it's been our home.

And now we're leaving it all behind to live in someone else's home. I know that after a week or 2, Seth and Jenny's house will start to feel like home. Especially after Penelope arrives. But I dread the feeling of not belonging anywhere and not having the comforts of my home at my fingertips. I guess I need to warn everyone about the complete emotional meltdown that's headed their way. I am looking forward to us being so close and having 4 extra arms to hold and love on my babies for 2 months. And my sister in law's cooking. And as long as I can leave a dish or 2 in the sink every morning, I think I will be okay.

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