Monday, August 8, 2011

38 Weeks

I’m really surprised I haven’t had this baby yet. After all of the moving and yard sale-ing and unpacking I’ve been doing, my uterus has been working in overdrive. Not to mention, I just feel childbirthy. I feel like I could give birth at any moment. Hopefully, there will be somewhat of a small warning before that happens. 

Weight gain: I’m back to not telling you this portion of my pregnancy progress. Let’s just say there’s a good chance I will be gaining 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Or more. Eating donuts and pizza all weekend will do that to you. 
Stretch marks: Yes. And I hate them. 
Movement: Yes. Most of them hurt since she is a big girl fetus now, but I’m trying to savor the last few weeks of feeling my baby from the inside while I can. 
Cravings: Salad, water, fruit. No more starchy carbs for a long time. 
Sleep: This is going to be a blog topic for the duration of our stay at my brother’s. JD and I are sharing a double bed. We came from a King. 2 tall, lanky people, 1 great with child, sharing a tiny bed makes for terrible sleep. That’s all I have to say about that. For now. 
Best moment this week: Getting moved and settled. Now we’re ready to have a baby!
Gender: Girl. 
Labor signs: Yes, yes, yes. Lots of labor signs. I’m thinking I will have her by the weekend. We shall see....
What I miss: Internet service. This is harder than I thought it would be. 
What I’m looking forward to: Late night feedings, swirly tops of baby heads, tiny toes, gowns, and all of the things that come along with newborns. 
Weekly wisdom: Internet service is vital to life. I will be purchasing a wireless card this week. 
Milestones: We’re ready and waiting. Come on Penelope!

I'm huge. This is what happens to me in late pregnancy. Take heed and stay away from cake, fellow pregnant mamas. 


  1. Haha you look great, I cant believe you are so close to meeting her!

    Also...wherever you are delivering has WIFI right? Cause I totally cant wait to open up my good reader and see a 'meet Penelope' post!

  2. You are gorgeous! Seriously! And please get a wireless card so I know when Penelope comes:-) I need some more natural birthing stories for inspiration.

  3. Wireless card will be here on Thursday! Woot woot!