Sunday, August 14, 2011

39 Weeks

So, I am still pregnant. Very, very pregnant. So pregnant, that my maternity clothes are too small. My belly pokes out of the bottom of every shirt and the seams in my pants are struggling to contain my enormous legs and bum. I still have responsibilities that require venturing out in public every couple of days so staying in my pajamas all day is not an option. Not a very classy one anyway.

Being this pregnant is both exciting and nerve wracking. I'm excited to be a week away from my due date and potentially days away from meeting my little Penelope, but nervous that I could go past my due date and all of the discomforts, fears, and inconveniences that come with that. I have been diligently praying that Penelope comes before her due date like her sister. This mama is tired and ready. Not to mention running out of suitable clothes to wear. Will you pray too?


Weight gain: A lot. Within 5 lbs of what I gained with Beatrice. I'm trying not to think about it.
Stretch marks: Yes. I'm also trying not to think about those.
Movement: Yes.
Cravings: Still ice. Much to JD's dismay, it is just so satisfying to crunch on a giant cup of partially melted ice. All. Day. Long.
Sleep: Actually really good the past few nights. I keep hoping that it is a sign that I'm about to have her. Could God be giving me awesome rest now since I won't be sleeping again for the next few weeks??? I'm really hoping so.
Best moment this week: Getting an iPhone and internet connection, woot woot!! Hello 21st century. You are awesome.
Gender: Girl. I hope. Everyone keeps telling me my belly looks like a boy belly. I even noticed that I am way more narrow this time around.
Labor signs: What I think are contractions are actually gas pains. What I think is my water breaking is actually pee. I'm beginning to think I'm never gonna have this baby girl.
What I miss: Clothes that fit, bladder control, going about my days without analyzing every bodily function in hopes that labor has begun. The usual.
What I'm looking forward to: Do I really need to answer this??
Weekly wisdom: You can't predict when a baby will come so it's probably best to just relax and enjoy the last week of pregnancy without trying to convince the baby to come out already. Although it is not above me to try every old wives tale known to induce labor...
Milestones: Hopefully 7 days or less until we meet our 2nd precious daughter.

A family photo this week. Maybe the last as a family of 3.


  1. Oh! I so remember the point where all my maternity was too small. I craved ice with my last baby, too. :) Will be praying she comes soon!

  2. You look good :) hopefully that baby gets here soon! : )

  3. You are so close!!! I will continue to pray! :)

  4. I am praying she comes soon:-) Also, did you see Tina Fey named her daughter Penelope this week?

  5. Im sure you are so frustrated right now, Ill be praying that she is ready to come soon!

  6. your belly is sooo adorable! the last week is the worst! good luck with delivery!