Friday, August 12, 2011

The Moose, the Fish, and the Turk

My brother is an outdoorsman. He likes to hunt, fish, and kill. He has a few taxidermied animals mounted on the wall in his man room/our temporary living room. Beatrice is obsessed with them. First thing every morning she begs to tell Moose, Fish, and Turk good morning. She doesn't stop talking about them until we go in and see them. She squeals. She talks to them. She loves them. The same thing happens after nap time and whenever we return to the house from being gone longer than 5 minutes. She loves these poor dead animals.

The Moose

The Fish

And the Turk

Oh, and the Alligator

The Moose is actually a deer (or a buck?). The Fish were caught by my dad and brother many, many years ago. And the Turk is turkey tail feathers. Beatrice thinks they're awesome, although she will not touch them. She will however, place sunglasses and hats on them. Anything to be fashionable.

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  1. This is what Jesse's parents house looks like. It took me awhile to get used to!!