Sunday, August 21, 2011

40 Weeks

Today is my due date. Today is a great day to have a baby. Sadly though, today there is no sign of any babies being born out of my uterus. Sigh. I am trying really hard to not be discouraged because she’s not going to stay in there forever obviously, but I am so anxious to meet her I could scream. Every night I go to bed with the expectation to wake up to the painful contractions that bring on labor and every morning I get up with the disappointment that nothing more than a bunch of pee breaks took place overnight. All I want is a sign that she’s on her way, and soon!
Weight gain: Only half a pound since last week. It’s still a lot though.
Stretch marks: Yes, and they are multiplying.
Movement: More than ever it seems. 
Cravings: Honestly, none really. I love ice and could live off of it at this point. 
Sleep: Some nights it is good and some nights it doesn’t exist. I slept great last night but by 10 am, I was ready for a nap. I stay tired no matter what. 
Best moment this week: I suppose it is reaching my due date, but with no sign of labor I gotta say it’s kind of bittersweet. 
Gender: Stubborn girl. 
Labor signs: This question is taunting me. 
What I miss: Not looking forward to anything all day everyday. Honestly, being this excited/anxious/impatient for something is not fun. 
Weekly wisdom: Labor is out of my hands. Penelope will come when God is good and ready to bring her out. And patience is hard. 
Milestones: Due date reached and quite possibly passed by without a baby born.

A photo of a woman who is not happy about still being pregnant on her due date. That look on her face? Not a look of happiness, calm, or patience. 


  1. I SO know how you feel! I went 11 days over with Aubrey. It wasn't pleasant, but I survived it. :)
    I am sure you won't go that long, but just try to enjoy the last couple of days. I realize now that this whole parenting thing, starting even in pregnancy is a BIG FAT lession in patience. :)
    Wishing you a beautiful, easy labor (and soon)! ;)

  2. I was like this with my second one...I NEVER thought he'd come. I hope Penelope is here very soon - and I know you do, too!