Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Home

I try to refrain from too many domestic-life-is-awesome posts. I want to be relatable to everyone and never want to be all, "nanny nanny boo boo, I have a baby and it is so cool, but some of you wouldn't know what that's like." But, I have to say this one little thing about having a child and then I'll go back to making fun of JD and writing about the cat. You know, things we can ALL relate to. 

Having a small child in the house makes everything better. The constant chatter and mama-mama-mama-mamas makes our home feel so alive and sweet. I've gotten used to little handprints on all of the mirrors and glass doors and I love discovering toys cleverly tucked behind shelves and toilets. Having a little person in your home makes it messy for sure, but it also brings everything to life in a way that only having a child can. Everything is new and awe-worthy to a child. They want to know how it works, to touch it, to lick it, to do it. I discourage JD from doing all of this as he is a grown man and had his chance to lick things while he was a small child, but exploring with Beatrice and letting her taste a knob or two is a favorite game of ours. 

Some things don't change after having a child. Things like housework and the maintenance required for your home to run smoothly. But I never sang songs while I folded laundry before Beatrice came into our lives. I never had to vacuum after every meal before her and let her point out the Cheerios in the canister. I never had a little person to talk to all day and want me to let her touch every light switch in the house because it is awesome to make light. I never had so much specialness in our home until I had a baby. I never noticed the possibility to learn something with every chore before Beatrice showed me how to. And I love it.

I love it so much that I have an announcement to make..............................................................................
I've started to watching a friend's baby 3 days a week. You totally thought I was going to say I was pregnant, didn't you?! Now I have a toddler jabbering away all day and a sweet, tiny baby cooing too. I love it. Our home is kind of a disaster now with toddler and baby stuff everywhere, but it is a happy, loud, sweet disaster.

Before I had a baby of my own, children got on my nerves. I liked them just fine, but I never wanted a little kid messing up my walls or furniture. I never knew how wonderful it is sharing your home with tiny people. They make your home wonderful and lively and THAT is something I wish for everyone to experience.


  1. ahhh...so true! litle ones make everything so much better.beautifully written :)

  2. Found you on top baby blogs... Just wanted to say, "If one more person with a baby says their pregant!" Ha, I feel like the only one who's not these days :)