Saturday, November 20, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

With approximately 1 month left until Christmas, my wheels are turning on our Christmas card design. True to my Southern roots, I like to personalize everything. That's why I never send store bought Christmas cards to my friends and family. I love scouring the internet and stationery shops for the perfect card that embodies my favorite things about the holidays: photos of my family, sweet wording about the Reason for the season, and bright red and green prints.

This year, I have been loving the festive options from I have used this site for several photo printing and gifting resources and I love them. They offer high quality printing and their holiday card designs keep getting better and better. They also print and ship super fast so if you're indecisive like me and wait until the last minute to decide upon a design, your cards will still arrive in time. But best of all; everything can be personalized. Win!

This one is my favorite.

Check out all of the holiday cards here. And while you're at it, shop for some great personalized gifts here. Your moms can thank me later.

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