Sunday, November 7, 2010


The weather has finally caught up with the season and it is cold here. We have been sipping steaming mugs of cider and wearing flannel pajamas. I have a pumpkin candle burning, beef stew on the week's menu and extra blankets on the beds. I love this weather despite being cold all of the time. I have a bad habit of forgetting to wear a coat in the winter. This bad habit has leaked onto to poor Beatrice because I forget to put coats on her too. We spent the whole day in our pajamas playing on the living room with our girl. It has been a great day of snuggling, resting and enjoying the cold from the warmth of our home.

I still have the cold that first afflicted me last Friday. It is a beast. It is hands down the worst cold of my life. I am going on week two with little signs of it letting up. And since I nurse, I can't take anything. Plus I'm of the thought pattern that the less artificial stuff you put in your body, the better it works so I bought every citrus fruit in the produce section. Today I have eaten a tangerine, a pink grape fruit and a navel orange. I think I am actually feeling better. I can only hope.

Since the cold is here to stay (the temperature, not the illness), it is time to get ready for the holidays!! I have been begging JD to put up the Christmas tree. He won't. Scrooge. Soon it will be out with the mums, scarecrows and pumpkins and in with the poinsettias, wreaths and tiny twinkling lights. I can't wait. I may have been doing a little internet Christmas shopping to help me get in the holiday spirit.....

In the meantime, take a look at these pictures of Beatrice in the freezing cold.

These were from her 1 year session and it was 39 degrees. Notice the short sleeves and bare feet. It was really, really cold. Poor girl.

Beatrice says, "stay warm and remind your mommy to bring coats."
Photos by Sara Rose Photography.


  1. haha you would never know it from the photos! Adorable!

  2. 39 degrees! A photo can be just as cute with an adorable coat and cute boots!

  3. Well it got cold unexpectedly and we hadn't bought Beatrice a coat yet. We woke up and it was freezing!