Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Day In Photos

Beatrice woke us up at 8 am. We brought her to our bed for morning milkies.

We always have a cup of Cheerios while watching cartoons.

Then we had breakfast.

We headed upstairs to fold some diapers.

Then it was nap time. Milkies first, though.

I got ready while Beatrice napped.

We got up and read some books.

Then went outside to practice walking and groom the mums.

We came in and made some wheat bread.

During Beatrice's afternoon nap, I sipped hot cider and worked on my crocheting.

She woke up and we played.

Daddy came home.

We ate, bathed, and played before bed.

Story time.

Good night.

It's amazing how a mundane day can look so cool in Polaroids.

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