Friday, November 12, 2010

Long Tall Skinny Big Head

Beatrice had her 12 month pediatrician appointment a few weeks ago. She is growing like a weed. A tall, skinny weed. She is tall like her mama (and daddy) at 31 inches. That's 5 inches short of 3 feet tall! She is skinny at 19 pounds. And her little 10th percentile head has grown into a robust 50th percentile head. She is our long, tall, skinny, big head. And she's perfect.

Doctor visits have been fun for the most part. I'm not the type of mom that calls the pediatrician for every bump or sniffle. I guess I don't want to be a bother when I have my mom and mother-in-law at hand for advice on those sorts of things. And Beatrice has been super healthy and bump-free her whole life. Except for tonight. She fell face first out of the tub and flipped completely over. She has a purple goose egg on her forehead. I was standing right there, but she was slippery and I couldn't stop it from happening. JD says I'm on probation. Nobody lets Daddy's baby get hurt, apparently. Doctor's visits have been a fun way to see how big she's gotten and see where she's at developmentally compared to her peers. And the verdict is, she's a genius. She says 23 words (2 is the norm at this age!) and is right on track with motor skills.

She's all grown up, our little goob. The doctor's visits slow way down after a year so I will have to wait longer in between visits to watch her head grow. That's okay. After tonight's incident, JD will probably make her wear a helmut anyway so I won't see that head for awhile.

Proof that Beatrice is taller than the average bear:

She's so big, she started her first job already. Beatrice says, "what'll ya have?"

Doctor visits are fun when there is climbing involved.

Mama's baby is all grown up. And mama's crazy eyes are unavoidable when trying to take a picture one-handed without chopping our heads out of the frame. 
Can you spare a few clicks for a purple goose egged head?

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  1. haha tall little girl! Thats about the same height as my little dude, and the doctor informed us he was the 'genetic potential' to likely be 6'1! But all I can picture is him looking like a six foot tall baby still walking like Frankensteins monster!

    PS...clicked for ya!

  2. She is probably one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen. =D