Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Recap

We had a good day yesterday. JD had to work so it was Beatrice and me until the afternoon when we headed over to my mom's house. Everything was great until Beatrice fell off of the bottom step and busted her lip. She cried, I felt awful. Thanksgiving began with tension and tears. I tried to stay positive but the more Beatrice fussed, the worse I felt. So I focused on the things that I am thankful for, like my husband and healthy child. A healthy child I cannot keep off the stairs, but whatever. 

I saved my baking for nap time. I made the pumpkin roll from the back of the Libby can. It is heaven. My brothers ask for it every year and eat it alongside their land fowl like a dinner roll. I can't say that I blame them. It is technically a vegetable and the cream cheese is cheese (obviously) so it is like a vegetable gratin. Except that it is dessert and so yummy, so nothing like a vegetable gratin at all.

We headed over after Beatrice woke up from her afternoon nap. My mom has a fancy schmancy camera so we wanted to get some Christmas card pictures with it. Out of about 75 pictures, there are maybe 2 that don't suck. We may completely redo them. My gut tells me to buy us some adult footed pajamas to match Beatrice's and take a family picture in our living room. We'll see..... As you can see, blinking is my gifted ability. Not looking at the camera is Beatrice's. And not coordinating family outfit colors is JD's. 

My mom had the table set and buffet stocked when we got there. Too bad we had to wait for everyone else to arrive before we could eat.

But when it was time, boy did we eat. This was the first Thanksgiving that I can remember not being conscious of how many calories I was consuming. I don't know if it is because breast feeding burns so many or that I am truly confident that my body won't turn into a gelatinous blob after a ham feast once or twice a year. Easter ham, mmmmm. Whatever it is, it is truly wonderful to just enjoy a 2500 calorie plate of food without guilt of what I will look like in the morning. For that, I am thankful.

After dinner, we broke out the Cranium board and had a 2 hour game. JD and I rule at trivia, humming, and drawing with our eyes closed so this game is right up our alley. We slaughtered the competition, AKA my brothers and their Jennies.

If you guessed "scuba diving" at this picture, then you rule at Cranium too and can be on our team. If not, then you can lose with the other weaker-brained people in my family. Pssh. I laugh in the face at friendly competition. I play to win. JD totally missed this one. He kept saying, "hand to my mouth, thank you, kicking my feet." Yes honey, that is clearly what it is. When the card said your hint was "thing", it really meant verb. After this little incident, I may be looking for a new partner. Just sayin'.

And what was Beatrice doing during all of this? Well that may be the best part of the day. I have no idea. I know that my mom and grandmother had her somewhere in the house, but for 2 uninterrupted hours, I played and talked and ate pumpkin rolls. No chasing after a little body up the stairs, no denying milkies, no sharing bites. It was wonderful.

It started raining so we headed home. I put Little Bits to bed and JD and I watched a movie. I crocheted some ridiculously cute leg warmers for a special order. I can't wait to make Beatrice some.

We woke up late and will not be Black Friday shopping. Sleep is more valuable to me than 60% off. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

And since the Christmas season is officially upon us, can you spare 2 clicks for the blog? JD keeps asking when I'll win this thing so he can quit clicking. I won't win anything, but can be ranked higher to the top with each click click. So click away friends! Do it for the baby Jesus.

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