Monday, May 31, 2010

A Mommy Milestone

This weekend, JD and I got Beatrice up from her nap together like we always do. I tickled her face while he undid the swaddle and she giggled and squealed. Then JD picked her up and she cried. She cried and reached for ME. This has never happened. In all of her 7 months, she has not known a stranger. She would happily let the cashier at the grocery store hold her. Just for the record, I don't let strangers hold my baby. She would go to anyone and not cry. But on Saturday May 29th at 11 something in the morning, our baby cried for her mama. Yes, it's going in the baby book. 

Of course JD was not happy. I think his feelings were a little hurt. He has been relieved that Beatrice isn't partial to either one of his since he wasn't here for 5.5 months. She has loved him and recognized him like he never left. I assured him it was probably because she was hungry and I have the milk. He went downstairs while I fed her. And secretly rejoiced. 

This was a bit of a victory. I promise the post is coming about my struggles with accepting my role as mommy. Babies are supposed to get stranger anxiety or at least clingy to mommy, I just never thought it was going to happen with my outgoing girl. And not with her daddy first. To me, this little incident was like earning my right to be in the mommy club. My baby knows me and wants me. Now I belong. 

I know what you're thinking, this is totally normal and not a cause for celebration. All babies do it. I know that. But there is something about knowing your baby recognizes that you are Mother. You nurture and care for them when everyone else is sleeping. Or golfing. You change the most horrific poopy diapers known to man. You stayed covered in barf for the first 3 months of their life. You sacrifice sleep, new clothes, clean hair, perky boobs, hot dinners, prime time TV, and so much more for their little selves. You do so much for them. And when your baby cries and reaches for you when in the arms of another, it makes it all so much easier and more rewarding.

She has not done it since and Saturday turned out to be one of the worst days with her incessant fussiness, but it was still a small victory for this mama. JD says to be ready for when she is a little daddy's girl and only wants him. I know this too shall happen and I'm ready for it. Until then,  I'm eager to see who else she disses to be held by me. Just kidding, just kidding. But I am enjoying this new stage. I love this little baby more than I knew possible. It is such a miracle to love someone so much you only just met a few months ago that continues to poop on you and interrupt sleep on a regular basis. Anyone else that behaved like that would be outta here in a hot minute. 

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