Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Happy, Really, Really Happy

It's official, I'm the happiest girl in the world. JD has been home for 4 days now and it has been perfection. I was a little worried about how well we would fall back into married life under the same roof, but it has been so effortless and wonderful.

I don't know why I was nervous about his return. I suppose I dreaded the extra work of making dinner (and beds) everyday. But my oh my how wonderful it has been. He is such a great help when it comes to Beatrice. He loves playing with her, getting her up from naps, and even changing diapers (only wet ones). If I need any help with household stuff, he is always willing to chip in. And even with the extra work, it is so much fun having someone here to talk to.

Having him home makes me feel like a real woman. And not just in the husband/wife kind of way. I am pretty old fashioned with my man. I like doting on him. He works hard to provide for us and it is my pleasure to serve him in our home. I take my role as wife very seriously. I have been nothing but a mother for the past 5.5 months so having him here to cook for and cuddle with has made me feel like a wife again. I have been in the kitchen nonstop. We've had pancake breakfasts, homemade chicken salad sandwiches, yummy dinners with biscuits and real butter.

And he's funny. No one makes me laugh like JD. I'm pretty sure he would say the same about me. It is one of the reasons that I married him. He is hilarious and oh how I missed laughing with him.

Our baby girl thinks her Daddy hung the moon and stars. It is so sweet to watch them together. I always knew JD would be a good dad but I never knew how blessed I would be watching him play with her and teach her things. When it was just her and me, she only had 1 person teaching her how to make silly sounds and faces. But now with her daddy home, she gets twice the learning.

Basically, this man rocks my world.

And I'm in no hurry to let him leave anytime soon. He's all mine for awhile. Go smooch your spouse. They are such a gift. Sadly, sometimes that is realized after they've been gone for awhile. I hope to never take for granted the love I have for him or his companionship again. He's so wonderful and I thank God for giving him to me!

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