Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lazy Sunday

We go to church on Saturday nights. This works out best for the girls' nap schedules and we find it a lot easier to get them ready for an afternoon event versus a morning one. It makes for a busy Saturday, but it means we have Sundays wide open. Today we had a lazy one.

Penelope has temporarily lost her mind thinking an appropriate wake up time starts with a 5 before the other numbers. All week long I have had to discuss that anything before a 7 is technically still nighttime. This morning she woke at 5:12. I guess she showed me.

After my gracious husband allowed me to nap while she did, I officially started my Sunday with coffee and Instagram.

I gave JD a break and took the girls to the basement/playroom for an hour to play. Btw, if you see cinderblock walls in our pictures, it's just the basement. We don't live in a prison. 

The girls are really into playing together. I love watching their relationship grow into a true friendship. They are so much more than playmates though. They really love each other.

Did I mention that Penelope crawls now? She is no longer a spectator of playroom fun. She is in the mix of everything big sister is doing.

We lounged, we played dress up, we ate toast and blueberries.

This is kind of our usual morning routine. It is more fun on the weekends though when Daddy is home to enjoy it with us.

I love a good lazy Sunday morning. Ours has continued on into the afternoon. JD and the girls are napping and I'm thinking about taking a rest myself. How is your Sunday?

Also, new items have been added to my closet sale. I'm only keeping it open for another 2 weeks so if there is anything you like, snag it while you can!


  1. LOVE having a lazy weekend day and not leaving the house. Today is pretty much one of those days, but Jesse isn't here to enjoy it with us :(

  2. I can't believe how much Penelope looks like Beatrice. How is it fair that you have two of the cutest little girls, ever?


  3. Lazy days with Daddy home are the BEST!!!!!